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Interview With The Boogeyman:
A Monster For All Times
ISBN: 9780764353079 


He is every nightmare you’ve ever had and every fright made flesh. He is the most feared villain in the history of the world, haunting us past childhood, lingering in the background of the darkest recesses of our souls. Now—for the first time ever—meet the infamous Boogeyman as he steps out of the darkness and into the limelight. Written in a clever interview style, this whimsical, funny, informative, and scary biographical history of the world’s greatest fiend takes the reader on an escapade into terror that began in the dank world of the Dimmuborgir Lava Fields in Iceland and culminates in the surreal landscape of today’s modern monsters. From folklore to contemporary horror, through a series of engaging questions, diary entries, and author research, the evolution of the Boogeyman continues to develop as he takes credit here for the most disturbing and bloodthirsty creatures ever to scare us silly.

Lost In The Darkness:
Life Inside The World's Most Haunted Prisons, Hospitals, and Asylums

ISBN 978-0764343193




Take a personal tour of 29 of the world s most haunted prisons, hospitals, and asylums. Learn the personal stories of the patients and prisoners who called these places home, the chilling histories of these monuments to suffering, and gain a unique insight into the reasons their spirits remain behind. Images by author and 16 prominent photographers.

Grim Shadows Falling:
Haunting Tales From Terrifying Places

ISBN 978-0764347085


Journey to 31 dark, scary, and infinitely unsettling places that are soaked with blood, death, and the horror of unspeakable tragedy. Revel in the horror of The Villisca Ax Murder House, Lemp Mansion, Borley Rectory, and Fox Hollow Farm. Shed a tear for the desecrated dead of Cheesman Park and The Black Hope Cemetery, the lost soul of a little girl who still haunts Lake Shawnee Fun Park, and the melancholy spirits of a feuding husband and wife who found immortality in the form of a murder-suicide. Learn the devastating truths behind Black Moon Manor, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, Doris Bither (the terrifying real-life case that inspired the film The Entity), and Japan's disturbing answer to the Holocaust, the bloody Unit 731. Experience the suffering of people frequenting these places and explore tragic events that create a stain on the fabric of time, resounding for centuries and affecting generation after generation. Visit as grim shadows fall—the nightmares will haunt you.

Peeking Under The Skin Of Murderers
ISBN: 9780764350900

Experience 37 horrific stories about the world's more extreme killers in this comprehensive tome of grisly lusts and depraved pleasures of people who started out human and became something else. Read not only what they did, but why they did it―often from the killer's own words. Meet legendary murderers Jack The Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Henry Lee Lucas, and Ed Gein. Become intimate with lesser knowns, such as Edmund Kemper, Louis Wagner, and Carl Panzram. Bear witness to depraved sexual sadists Albert Fish, Gary Heidnik, and Richard Ramirez. Discover the insanity of Joseph Kallinger, “The Shoemaker,” Tsutomu Miyazaki, Japan's demented child killer, and Gordon Stewart Northcott, twisted ax murderer and pedophile. Take a sinister trip to where violence is the beginning and death is a welcome release.


& Other Haunted Places Of The Midwest

Matt Chandler
(photos of Hannah House by Benjamin Jeffries)
Are ghosts real? Take a trip through the Midwestern United States and decide for yourself! Search the corners of Lemp Mansion, dash through Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, and stagger through Franklin Castle. A spooky adventure awaits!

Dewey    133.10977
Genre    Informational
Reading Level    Grades 3-4
Interest Level    Grades 3-9
ISBN    978-1-4765-3913-3
Publisher    Capstone Press
Brand    Edge Books
Copyright    2014
Page Dimensions    7" x 9"
Page Count    32
Languages    English
Binding    Reinforced Library Binding
List Price: $27.99
School/Library Price

Ghosts of the Alamo and Other Hauntings of the South

by Matt Chandler

(photographs of Waverly Hills by Benjamin Jeffries)

Are ghosts real? Take a trip through the Southern United States and decide for yourself! Explore the Bell Witch Cave, wander through Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and take a trip to the Alamo. A spooky adventure awaits!

Dewey 133.10975

Genre Informational


Reading Level Grades 3-4

Interest Level Grades 3-9


Publisher  Capstone Press

Brand  Edge Books

Copyright 2014


Page Dimensions7" x 9"

Page Count 32

Languages English

BindingReinforced Library Binding


List Price: $27.99School/Library Price

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